Pinot Grigio
The wine is produced 100% from the Pinot Grigio variety grown in the vineyards surrounding the Kamnik winery. It is characterized by a distinct hay-like pale color with green hues. This dry and fresh wine is rich in its appealing fruity aroma that reveals white fruits purée, mostly pear complemented with banana tones and citrus undertones. The taste is full-bodied, varietal, with a typical freshness, mineral undertones and with a pleasant and harmonious aftertaste. It is best served chilled at 8-10°С, combined with fresh sea fish, salmon starters, pasta in white sauce and chicken meat. Alcohol: 14.5% by Vol.

Wine Cellar


Food pairings: salmon starters, fresh sea fish, pasta in white sauce
Variety: Fresh, dry wine
Serving temperature: 7-10°C
Grape variety: 100% Pinot Grigio
Color: a distinct hay-like pale color with green hues
Alcohol Vol: 14 %
Winery: Kamnik

Taste traditional Miyak cuisine